To Write More

The writing contest over at “Clarity of Night”: has come to end, and sadly, yours truly did not even rate an honorable mention. It was a highly enjoyable contest, however, and I’m already looking forward to Jason’s next contest. I am also eagerly anticipating his comments on each story, which should be available a bit later on today. I think perhaps the most rewarding aspect of this contest for me were the comments on “my entry”: indicating a high level of interest in seeing it developed into a longer story. Fortunately, I’ve already added it to my list of writing projects, so I hope to produce a longer work using this 250-word story as my foundation.

I’ve also developed part of another storyline involving what is, I think, a unique view of time travel. The idea was inspired by a recent news story that had come across my desk that got me thinking. And it wasn’t until I was sitting in the grass the other day, bouncing stones across the driveway, that one possible speculative solution to the news story came to mind. I’m hoping to find some time in the near future to get the draft of _that_ story started.

Too many ideas to write about; too little time to write them all down in. Lord willing, some of the hectic scheduling in my life will break soon, allowing me to get back to the business of writing. ((It doesn’t help that my Palm is once again refusing to synchronize with my computer, thus preventing me from writing on the go, and my wireless keyboard for my Palm has become exceedingly glitchy of late.))

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