Music To Work By

I love to listen to music when I work, whether it be writing one of my stories or crunching numbers at work or picking out stalls in the barn. It gets me groovin’ and gives my mind something to do while I work. It helps me focus, and I find that I’m generally ten times more productive when I have the right music jammin’ in my headphones then when I have no music playing at all. There’s something about music that just makes me feel mellow and relaxed, and my productivity levels shoot right up.

I’ve found that my favorite working music these days is the “Halo 2: Vol. 1”: soundtrack. Marty O’Donnell really outdid himself when he created such a memorable soundtrack for the vidoe game. I play through the disc as many as three or four times a day while I’m working. It’s playing right now, in fact, while I wait for database queries to run. If you haven’t heard this soundtrack, you should check it out, even if you have never played the game. I guarantee you’ll like it.

Now to get my hands on “Vol. 2”:

What’s your favorite music to work to?

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