I’m “trying”: something new. Ever heard of “CoComment”: I hadn’t until recently, and then when I _did_ hear about it, I thought, “Great. Just what I need. Yet _another_ service to log into on a regular basis just so I can keep track of all things blog-related.” Of course, now I’m actually trying out the service for a little while to see if it will actually prove convenient for tracking those sites where I leave comments. No guarantees, and CoComment doesn’t work on every blog.

Two things I already don’t like about CoComment – I had to turn Ajax commenting off in order to get comments to be logged at CoComment, and CoComment only tracks other CoComment members – it will not automatically log comments left in a particular conversation unless that comment was left by another CoComment member. But, CoComment _does_ allow me to easily keep track of all the places I have left comments so I can more efficiently check back periodically to see how the dialogue is developing. We’ll see whether it is the pros or the cons of this service that win out. Right now, I’m merely dubious.

2 thoughts on “CoComment”

  1. Hey, sorry you had to disable AJAX commenting for it to work. You can tell coComment to keep track of all comments made to your blog (even those by people who don’t have a coComment account!) by “integrating” your blog. Instructions for that are here:

    There is also a wordpress plugin which is supposed to do this automatically:

    Keep letting us know what you like and don’t like with the service!

  2. Hey… thanks for turning me on to this service. I’ll give it a shot, but it looks like it might be helpful in keeping a line open to all the random places blogsurfing takes me during the day. (Like here! *grin*)

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