Huh. Lyn classified my “Two Lights” submission as sci-fi paranormal horror. Interesting, considering I was going more for fantasy horror.

2 thoughts on “Misclassified?”

  1. lol, I like fantasy and since it’s lumped in with sci-fi at the book store we just meshed the genres a bit. You had a good piece of writing no matter what you call it. :-) What do you think of Ted Dekker? Christian fantasy/horror author. Haven’t read him, but if he’s like Peretti I don’t think I would be a huge fan. Have you read Stephen Lawhead’s King Arthur series? Anything else good in the Christians-who-write-fantasy category? lgp

  2. Heh, no matter. I’m still feeling my own writing style out quite a bit. I love sci-fi and fantasy, but I’m finding that most of my writing leans toward the dark side quite a bit. Probably why I’m such a huge fan of Stephen King, Robert R. McCammon, and Dean Koontz. I’m curious to see just what genre I’ll be best known for, provided I can ever actually get something published (haven’t even had time to write much lately).

    I’ve never heard of Ted Dekker, but I’ll definitely put him on my list of authors to watch out for. And I agree with you – I’m actually not a huge Peretti fan. I loved _This Present Darkness_ and _Piercing the Darkness_, but I haven’t really enjoyed any of his other books all that much.

    Haven’t read Lawhead’s Arthur series yet, though I have read _Patrick: Son of Ireland_ and the Empyrion Saga (there’s a review for both of those books somewhere around here).

    As for other Christians-who-write-fantasy, I’m not aware of that many right now. I think we may see a boom of those in the coming years, though. Seems like a lot of my generation are more into writing in this genre, and I know of a number of Christians with hopes of writing something.

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