Writing Contest

“Jason Evans”:http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/ is running a very interesting “story contest”:http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/2006/04/two-lights-short-fiction-contest.html right now. Start with a photograph of two lamps, and in 250 words or less, create a work of fiction. The contest ends Thursday night at 8:00 PM (EDT), so if anyone’s interested, there’s still time to write something and submit it.

You can find my entry “here”:http://clarityofnight.blogspot.com/2006/04/entry-18.html.

3 thoughts on “Writing Contest”

  1. Thanks for pointing me to the writer’s contest…first time there and lots of great short stories. (My entry is #24) Have a great week, lgp

  2. Finally got around to reading your entry at the contest. Wow, lots of good stories. Really enjoyed your different take on the theme. Scary and left me wanting more. Good job. lgp

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