Has every president this nation has ever had been recommended for impeachment? It seems like I keep hearing that word being bandied about lately. Whether or not impeachment is deserved and justified for our current president, one of the motivating factors behind the call for impeachment is treason. I admit I have been somewhat confused by this. Last I checked the charge of treason is typically leveled at someone who turns against their own nation with the intent of bringing it down and destroying it by delivering it into its enemies hands. I don’t see that happening. I guess I’m just confused by all this.

I realize that a lot of people are upset with the present administration. Seems like we go through this every four to eight-year cycle. As much as I support our president, even I have been dissatisfied with some of the decisions he’s made. ((Especially where it comes to fiscal responsibility.)) Despite all the criticisms, however, treason is _not_ one charge that I think can be honestly leveled at him. I do believe that his decision to go to war with Iraq and take down a vicious dictator, along with all the other military decisions he’s made, was done so with this country’s best interests and protection at heart. I believe our president loves this land dearly, else he wouldn’t have taken up the seat he has held for the last six years. However good or bad some of his decisions have been, I don’t believe that treason has played any part in it. Frankly, if people really believed it did, I doubt very highly that he’d still be sitting in the Oval Office today.

I’m still very disillusioned with politics and with the powermongers who claim to be doing their best to meet the needs of the people they represent. In no way, however, do I think that my attitude toward these men and women gives me the right to make unfair and untrue accusations against them, nor should it give anyone else the right to do so. If you are going to challenge the authority and integrity of our leaders, such challenges ought to be restricted to those issues that actually exist, not these fictional fantasies that are contrived just so that one can fuel the momentum behind their own power play. To this date, I’ve yet to see treason enter into any political argument with any kind of veracity and staying power.

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