New Email Subscription Tool

“Feedburner”: has finally added an email subscription feature that I like quite a bit more than the “FeedBlitz”: tool I was using previously. The format of the email that Feedburner sends out is less graphicly heavy (and gaudy) than FeedBlitz’s, looking much more like the “feed page”: that you see when you click on the link on my front page. As a result I’ve switched the subscription form so that when people sign up to receive new posts by email, it will now come from Feedburner rather than FeedBlitz.

For those of you currently subscribed, if you’d like to receive a simpler-looking email, feel free to subscribe to the new format (and unsubscribe from the other). Or email me and I can take care of making the switch for you, leaving you with just having to click on the link in the confirmation email for the new subscription.

Additional note: Make sure to check your filters and your spam folder before emptying it, as the confirmation email may get redirected away from your inbox, and no email will be sent until the address is confirmed.

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