Kicking Against the Goads

I “mentioned”: the other day that I had added another atheist blog to my blogroll. Unfortunately, I’m really not sure how long it will be staying there. I don’t have much use for blogs whose sole purpose for existing is to rant and rail continually against only particular cause or organization. I’ve removed several blogs from my blogroll over the past few weeks because they do exactly that.

When I added this blog, I didn’t realize that there are actually several authors that contribute content – in itself not necessarily a bad thing. But the one author whose content most intrigued me is about the only one whose writing on this blog I can stomach. I have trouble staying with any writer who voices their opinions in a manner that is designed to be deliberately antagonistic, whose style is aimed at doing little more than goading the exact sort of behavior about which they constantly complain. ((And it figures that people are all too willing to oblige by providing such extreme examples.))

This blog is maintained by several atheists whose only purpose is to prove and demonstrate just how stupid religion is, with a particular emphasis on trying to mock and ridicule Christianity and show just how stupid and ignorant Christians are. Now, it should be clear by now that I have little problem with people who believe this way. I have had several discussions here already with other atheists. We’ve shared our beliefs with one another, pointed out our differences and the reasons for them, and had mutually respectful dialogue about them. I’m also aware that at least a couple of atheists think I’m naive and foolish for my beliefs. And I’m alright with that.

What I have a problem with are those types of atheists whose interaction with Christian beliefs are driven by anger and animosity, no matter the reasons they have for such feelings. These are the people with whom no real discourse can be had, simply because it is already abundantly clear that they do not wish to actually talk openly and respectfully. Their minds are already made up, and any response to their claims will only be twisted around to serve their own purposes.

I had hoped to be challenged by this blog. The writing really is quite well done, for the most part. I just think that such writing could be put to more productive purposes, that whatever time and energy has and is being put into trying to ‘undo’ Christianity is such a waste. ((Just writing their beliefs and opinions in a rational, calm manner that lends itself to more open discussion would be a great improvement.)) The level of frustration I see in most of the articles posted in itself puts me off – made worse by the fact that they engage in the juvenile behavior of hacking some of their commenters’ responses in order to make them look more ridiculous than they already do.

I’ll keep this site on my blogroll for a little while longer, but sadly, I fear that it likely won’t remain. I know for a fact that there are other atheist blogs out there with high quality writing that are more willing to dialogue with Christians about their beliefs, and so are far more inviting to those of us who wish to engage in such discussion.

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