Bite Down

I’m feeling much less than charitable today. I think it’s a product of recovering from being ill, trying to catch up on a lost day of work, and having read far too many inflammatory opinions over the past several days about a large number of topics. ((Why do people feel the need to goad other people to anger all the time, huh?)) Needless to say, my knee-jerk reaction to just about every opinion today is to respond with a snippy ((Just _how_ did the word ‘snarky’ gain such popular appeal, anyway?)) retort, just to balance out the extreme reactions with some sort of, presumably, rational response.

These are the sorts of days where my best bet is to sit down and play a video game or write on one of my stories, something where I don’t really have to interact with anyone and risk biting their heads off. Hazards of being tired and somewhat short-tempered (though I’m not really all that short-tempered at the moment; I just know that I _could_ be if I don’t make an effort to hold my tongue).

My day is gone, and my mind is fried from too much time spent writing code and manipulating data every which way possible just so I can run some simple analyses on it tomorrow. That profound thought I had earlier will just have to wait for another day to be written, I suppose.

Besides, I have a story or two in the ol’ hopper, as well, and I think the third chapter in the story I’ve been writing for my wife is beginning to get a mite angry with me for having left it alone for too long, so that may get started this evening, too. We’ll just see how much time and energy I have tonight and how loudly and sweetly the muses sing in my ear.

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