Aside from That

What was “posed”: as merely a curiosity question and an aside ((Since I’ve switched to a widget-compatible theme, I’ve started using a new plugin for my asides so that I can continue displaying them in my sidebar. For some reason, though, my asides no longer show up in my RSS feed, so if you read my site from the feed, you won’t see any of my asides until I can figure out how to get them to show up in the feed again. Feel free to offer any solutions or suggestions, if you have any.)) has become a rather more interesting discussion than I expected it to be – an exploration of the fact that Jesus was probably not actually crucified on a Friday but more likely on Wednesday and buried later that same evening so that he could be buried for a full three days, according to both prophecy and His own words. Feel free to check out the discussion and add your own thoughts and knowledge to the topic.

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