Questioning the Ultimate Authority

I’ve heard the question asked many times, “Why should _I_ obey God on anything, let alone on the things I don’t understand? Now, I don’t think I have ever heard the question phrased exactly like that, but it does nicely summarize the doubts and assumptions that go into it.

One of the primary assumptions that this questions is based upon is what gives God the right to expect us to obey (unquestioningly?) those commands He gives when we dont’ fully understand all the reasons behind that command. This is especially true when God punishes disobedience when someone disobeys because they don’t understand and don’t see the reaons to follow that particular edict. They doubt the truth of the command, doubt that there is a good reason for it, doubt that God is good in issueing His command, and so they blatantly disregard it. Then, they cry out in despair, cursing God and challenging His justice at punishing one of His children for disobeying a command they do not understand.

I look at it this way. When I was a child, my parents issued certain commands that were to be obeyed in no uncertain terms. You see, they understood the reasons for their commands, even if I didn’t. My own understanding of the world was still too small and too inexperienced to see and recognize the wisdom of the things they demanded I do. I still had a child’s understanding and was unable to grasp the abstract concepts that served as the foundation of their orders. They saw the bigger picture and recognized how their commands were for my own well-being. They loved and cared about me and wanted to protect me, and so they told me that I could or could not do certain things. I was expected to obey, even though at the time I did not understand why. Were they wrong to expect me to obey even though I did not know or understand why? Not at all because they were only trying to protect me.

We, as believers, are God’s children. He has issued commands that we are to follow and obey, even though we may not always understand the reasons why. You see, as the Infinite Father, He see the bigger picture. He understands and recognizes those things that are both good and bad for us, and so He issues commands that are for our benefit and that we are to obey fully and completely, for our own safety, protection, and happiness. We are His children, and we still only have a rudimentary understanding of so many things. Our minds are still unable to grasp some of the most complex, yet moset basic, principles of our lives, of the world around us. Just as our parents did nont explain everything to us when we were children because they knew we would not be able to understand, so does God not explain everything to us because He knows that we cannot yet understand. Yet, just as our parents expected us to obey, for our own protection, so God expects us to obey, for our own protection, even though we do not comprehend all the reasons behind that directive.

And let’s face it. Aren’t we always much happier and much more content when we obey and are on good terms with our Heavenly Father?

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