Getting My Funk On

And no, I’m not talking about the music style (even though it _is_ one of my favorites). I’ve been in a bit of a funk all week. Hazards, I guess, of not having much on my mind, let alone anything thought-provoking, and of not getting enough sleep. That’s the way it goes sometimes, though.

I’ve been feeling progressively more dissatisfied with my blog’s template. I sometimes find myself becoming too much of a bells-and-whistles guy, so my sidebar has become increasingly more cluttered. I’ve also wanted to develop a template that is more reflective of me and of my writing, rather than something generic. The trouble is that I simply don’t have the kind of time necessary to tear apart a couple of different templates to figure out how they work so that I can create one of my own.

So, I have been forced to do a couple of different things. I had really wanted to find a 3-column template so that I could reorganize some of my content. So far, I have found nothing I like. I have, however, rediscovered the “K2”: template, which looks like it might prove to be a lost easier to customize (since all the hacking appears to be done exclusively in the style sheet) and supports a bit more of the functionality that I would like.

I spent some time yesterday installing a second WordPress blog on my server, exclusively for testing purposes so that I can try out new themes and new plugins without affecting the availability of my main blog. Right now, I’m working on hacking the K2 template to add some of the features that I have on my main blog, and I am also re-evaluating some of the clutter in the sidebar to decide if I really need it. Hopefully, I will have a new look set up before the weekend, provided I have enough time around my various projects at work to play with K2 a little more and figure some things out.


Speaking of funks, does anyone know of any good funk music – bands, albums, tracks, etc.?

4 thoughts on “Getting My Funk On”

  1. Yeah, I’m still tweaking things, unfortunately. Eventually, I’m going to replace this theme with one of my own design, if ever I can find time to create one. Until then, this one is my favorite, so it will have to do…

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