Who’s the More Dysfunctional?

Some things just won’t let me alone until I write about them, and this is one of those things.

I read in the news yesterday that Saddam Hussein had taken to protesting his own trial by going on a hunger strike. Add this to his other antics – shouting, insults, arguments, walkouts, and simply not appearing in court – and I suddenly have the image of a circus in my mind. Now, I realize that things are different there in Iraq. I realize that the government is still getting its feet under it, still getting itself established, but what kind of justice system gives the defendant the _choice_ as to whether or not he shows up at his trial or whether he is allowed to stay or leave? And seriously, does Saddam really think that by going on a hunger strike that he’s hurting anyone other than himself? He strikes me as little more than a petulant toddler who resorts to screaming and bawling whenever he doesn’t get his own way; and Saddam certainly hasn’t been getting his own way lately. His little tactics at stalling the trial are, frankly, little more than annoyances, and it’s just too bad that he hasn’t been put in his place a little better. I mean, the guy has murdered millions of his own people, and he’s been allowed to walkout or simply not show up to trial?! For a man who once had quite a bit of power, he’s not a very big thinker. But then again, he’s little more than a bully, and bullies aren’t known for their brains. His tantrums only accomplish to delay the inevitable, but of course, I’m sure that’s what he’s counting on.

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