“The Dream”

Anna’s “The Dream”

Watching your younger siblings grow up into adults makes it clear just how quickly time passes. Frankly, it’s often hard for me to remember that they are no longer just little kids. This is especially true of my sister, who is seven years my junior. The age difference causes me to always think of her as a kid. (I understand, just a little bit, why mothers always see their kids as their babies, no matter how old they are.)

It’s been a pleasure watching my kid sister grow up into a fine young lady and a greater joy to see her recently stop fighting God and turning, instead, to follow Him once again. She also has joined the world of blogging, and yesterday she wrote a brief story about her conversion as a child. It’s thrilling, as a writer, to see her own writing style mature – the prose is excellent and the imagery inspiring. If you get a chance to go read, and even to comment, please do so by clicking on the link above and offer your thoughts on her writing. I am sure she would appreciate the feedback.

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