Perfect Dates

This one is probably going to end up being rather short and sweet. The question at hand is this – what is the perfect date? My response is simple – whatever can be done together that is special and that fosters further growth in your relationship. For my wife and myself, a date can be as simple as sitting in our craft room working on our scrapbooks together or as luxurious as getting dressed up in our best formalwear and going to downtown Indy for a delicious meal and a concert by the “Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra”: at the “Hilbert Circle Theatre”: Whatever we do on our special time set aside for just us, just being together is what makes it so good and so much fun. We both have a wide variety of interests, so it’s not hard to find things to do (though our accessibility to some activities is limited by how much cash we have in our wallets). It doesn’t take much to construct the perfect date – just a little time, consideration, and one-on-one attention.

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Dates”

  1. “a little time, consideration, and one-on-one attention” just about somes it up, although, like I’ve said before, a surprise is always nice, especially if you give her a story to tell her friends.

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