Does anyone else get sick of listening to people gossip? Frankly, I’m already a bit sick of listening to the hoohah about Dick Cheney. Similarly, I think it’s both sick and sad how many people get so wrapped up in celebrity tabloids, eating up as much dirt as they can find and gather on those people most well-known to them. What’s disgusting about it is how much of a waste of time and resources such pursuits are. Do all those people who follow celebrity gossip like it’s their life’s blood not see just how much of their lives are wasting away through these vain pursuits? Are we so lazy and bored that we have nothing better to do than talk about the latest scandal that has nothing to do with our lives and that will probably never intersect with our daily activities in _any_ way? Apparently we are.

And let’s not forget about the fact that gossip is hardly ever good. It always crops up in such a way as to cast its subject in the worst possible light. It’s dirty, it’s ugly, it’s sensational, and therefore, seemingly, it’s much, much more interesting.

I’ve never really understood why people follow celebrity gossip so closely; it’s never been all that interesting to me, for reasons already stated. Maybe it’s because the subject of the gossip is so hated or disliked that it feels like justice to see something bad happen to that individual. Maybe it’s because it makes us feel better about ourselves, to see someone in such a prominent position also screw up in a big way, thus making our own mistakes a little easier to swallow. Or maybe it’s because we so admire these people that we can’t help but follow their every movement with hopes of imitating them, unable to turn away from our horrible fascination with their mistakes because somehow our lives have become so entwined with the lives of these strangers.

Whatever the case it seems like a pretty grim picture to me. All my heroes are close to home, the ones I admire and look up to, and so the lives of those in more prominent places in our culture interest me little. They have nothing to give me, and so I give them little more than a passing glance. There are much more important things to do than waste my time wondering who did what, who’s involved with whom, or who is saying what horrible things to the media. I care about taking care of business, and since the lives of various celebrities are not part of my business, I simply don’t care.

2 thoughts on “Gossip”

  1. Honstly? Celebrity gossip – I hear it, I think to myself that’s the price they pay for living in the spotlight, and I move along. Other gossip – I am sometimes guilty of enjoying it. I’m not proud of that, mind you, but I am big enough to admit it. BUT, I don’t spend my days engaging in it either. I have enough going on in my own life, thank you.

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