Writer’s Blog has happily joined the ranks of WordPress 2.0, and I must say, the backend of this thing does look nice. So far there are no major complications, but please let me know if you run across any errors or notice anything that doesn’t look or operate quite right.

Edit: I’ve already found a problem with my RSS feed. I’m still working on sorting it out….

Edit: RSS problem seems to have been fixed with a simple URL change inside FeedBurner that points directly to my WordPress feed file. Looks better, at least….

2 thoughts on “Upgraded”

  1. Your feed looks fine in my bloglines, so you must have indeed fixed the problem. The CAPCHA’s are another matter, though… I’m making my third attempt now.

  2. Jim, you asked about the plugin… I’m not sure what you mean by that. I see a box below with colored characters in the foreground and some shaded characters in the background. The colored characters are drawn in such a way that they are easily confused… at least by me. So I was not getting them right earlier. I have no idea what plugin is causing this.

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