Stockpile of Ideas

I’ve seen a friend do this and I really like the idea. It allows for a certain level of creativity. Here’s what I want — regular readers, lurkers, and surfers-by, I am going to let you decide what I write about through your requests. It can be silly or serious, theological or philosophical, specific or general, your pick. Multiple requests are allowed — just keep it down to a somewhat reasonable number.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone wants to read about!

9 thoughts on “Stockpile of Ideas”

  1. 1)your take on the perfect vs. sinless question
    2)what does it mean to get a “new body” and how does that fit in with our heavenly experience?…is it more physical or more whispy and spiritual??
    3)what is the book or revelation really all about?

  2. I like your site as it is. I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but your writing is good, your ideas are always interesting and thought-provoking, and (I think) valuable and right-on. You think and write at a depth and level of complexity that isn’t often seen on the web. You address topics not many other people are writing about.

    I would love to read your SF&F story if/when you ever write it.

    And btw what kind of horses do you have?

  3. Oh, I’m not proposing this as a permanent change — just something fun to do once in a while.

    I may post up something short in the SF&F genre one of these days. I’m hesitant to do too much of that in the event that I want to officially publish something later, but I might write something just for here.

    We have a quarter horse and an Anglo-Arab. Sweet boys, both of them.

  4. No, but I am the son of one. As to what I do, I work as an Enrollment Analyst at Purdue University (as of six weeks ago), with a background in social psychology (M.A.). Basically, I’m a glorified number cruncher.

  5. Thanks! Apparently, I just have a small readership, for which I’m _very_ grateful. Makes all my time spent writing seem at least worth a little bit of the effort, being able to bounce ideas around and get some good feedback. Good to know people read and enjoy it. :)

  6. Ok, keep the ideas coming! I hope to be able to respond to them sometime early next week. In the meantime, plenty here for me to think about over the weekend…

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