Back to the business of writing, now that the holiday festivities are behind us.

You may notice by glancing at the sidebar that there is a growing backlog of entries in the archives. I have been working on bringing all my writings from “Xanga”: over into WordPress with the intent of likely closing my Xanga blog down for good. Since I am dating these entries to their original dates, they will not show up in either my RSS feed or the email subscription, so if you feel inclined to read some of my earlier writing, you can browse the archives and do so. Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to bring most of that material over here. It’ll also give me a good excuse to weed out some of the stuff that I don’t really want to keep.

I’ll also be updating to WordPress 2.0 sometime soon, now that most of the bugs seem to be worked out of the system. If I get time I may even do it tonight, since it sounds like it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

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