Despite my sometimes-cynical attitudes, I am constantly amazed and disappointed at the level of laziness in our country. Obesity is on the rise, both for adults and children, regardless of the all the new diet fads. Anymore, it seems that all of society’s woes are blamed on some physical illness or condition, but the vast majority of doctors will tell you that obesity is a laziness problem. Rarely will you find someone whose weight can be attributed to a physical condition like hypothyroidism. Typically, the root problem lies with people eating all the wrong things and not exercising appropriately. In short, people are lazy and getting more so by the day.

We see this everywhere around us. People will sit in their cars for 15 minutes, blocking the parking lot lane just so they can get that slot that is 30 feet closer to the store, when they could park a little further away, walk to the store, and be inside in a matter of 3 minutes or less. Others will drive around on little scooters, built to give those with physical handicaps the advantage of mobility, only to hop off and saunter to the head of the line. In many cases it seems as though people work harder at getting out of work than they would were they to actually just do the job straight up. And then they have the brass to blame their condition on everyone else.

Personal responsibility is an important value to me. In my mind a person should reap what they sow, and if a person is too lazy to get things done, then perhaps that individual should have to go without some luxuries for a little while. We might even find that the obesity problem in this country would shrink a bit (yes, pun intended). I do not, however, think that government funding of awareness programs is the answer. We have seen that they do not work, anyway. Instead, more time and effort should be spent instilling good values into the next generation, teaching them what it means to work hard and take care of oneself, rather than teaching them how best to mooch off society and get the most reward out of the least amount of effort. I tend to think that good parenting leads to healthier, busier, harder working children, who one day grow up to be healthier, busier, harder working adults. At least, that’s the way it worked with me.

2 thoughts on “Laziness”

  1. Nice post. I fully agree. People who choose to be lazy should at least shut up and not blame their ills on society. If they need to be luxurious, they also need to know that it doesn’t come and ring their doorbell all by itself. I also agree – if these things are not taught early in childhood, there is very little chance a person can do about his/her own nature of laziness.

  2. How right you are. Lazyness and self-centeredness are the two big causes of our socital issues. Road rage is nothing more than self-centeredness and many times that is set off because of the lazyness of another driver (not signaling, taking shortcuts, etc.).

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