Too Much Christmas Music?

I love Christmas music as much as the next person. But the thing I hate is when “you can’t get away from it”: The repetoire of Christmas songs is inherently limited, and to have them repeated hour after hour for six or seven weeks on my favorite radio stations gets old after the first few days. This year has been particularly trying as the only good Christian radio station in the area has given up its regular format for 24/7 Christmas music (“Little Drummer Boy” seems to be the dominating tune). As a result, what I miss is good music with good lyrics, rather than the rubbish on so many of the other stations. Why can’t there be a radio station that airs music only six weeks out of the year — between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day — and that plays only Christmas music during those six weeks? That way, when I want my Christian music, I can tune into that station, and when I want my Christmas music, I can flip to _that_ station?

Only one more week to go….

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