Stickies Are the New Sniper

Be forewarned — this _is_ a geek moment. If you are not a geek or you do not care about Xbox, Halo 2, or gameplay videos, now would probably be a good time to surf on. At least for the moment.

One of the things I love about the Halo 2 world is the plethora of gameplay videos, particularly the montage vids — snapshots of particularly awesome shots, snipes, melees, flag captures, bomb drops, and grenade throws. I love seeing how different people choose their music, choose which moments to capture and display, and choose the way in which they blend all these elements to create wonderful little videos for the rest of us to drool over.

But lately, there has been an overarching theme, and the montage vids are starting to become boring. Much as I love the sticky grenade (my best and possibly favorite weapon), it seems that it is the main video capture of choice these days. There are some truly spectacular tosses, thrown by guys who continually make my jaw drop in wonder and amazement, both in the range of the throw and the creativity by which they stick it, quite literally, to the other guy. But it’s beginning to be overdone, in my opinion. I miss the videos of the battle rifles, of the SMGs, the rockets. There are a lot of other weapons in the game and a lot of creative and very destructive ways of using them that are both flashy and inspiring. I’d love to see a few more of those types of videos. We know who the guys are now who can snipe in their sleep (not me) and who can throw a grenade all the way around Halo and stick it to the back of his own head (still not me). What happened to all the guys who can use the battle rifle with surgical precision or the plasma rifle to wreak untold havoc or run with oddball, beating everyone down he meets? I certainly enjoy the sticky/sniper videos and download every single one posted, but it’s time to mix it up a little again. There are other parts of the game that are just as much fun to watch and drool over and learn from.

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