Open Dialogue Shoutout

Time to give a shoutout to another project of mine, I think. You’ll notice that Writer’s Blog is actually a subdirectory to “”: If you drop the subdirectory (i.e. /blog) from the URL, you’ll end up at a discussion forum I started earlier in the year. It’s geared primarily toward Christian discussion of issues we face everyday–everything from religion to politics to psychology to entertainment, video games, you name it–though it is certainly not limited to Christians, as you’ll see in a couple of the better discussions. “Open Dialogue”: is simply another venue for online interaction, and it’s a place that I strive to hold as a venue for cool, calm, rational discussion–in short, a place of open dialogue, just as the name suggests. So, if you feel so led and if discussion of deeper things is your cup of tea, click on back a level and sign up. We’d be glad to have some new voices.

Have anything to add to the conversation?