My Own Private Riot » I Hate the Word ‘Blog’

My Own Private Riot » I Hate the Word ‘Blog’

“Mr. Porcupine”: makes the “statement”: that he hates the word ‘blog’ — and frankly, I agree. Wholeheartedly. I have never been fond of the word, or of its paternity (i.e. ‘weblog’). I have gone to some length in the past to avoid using it because it sounds awkward and… smushy. (Ironic, then, isn’t it, that I use the very word in the title of this site? If I ever make the banner I want, that decision will make a lot more sense.) Ever heard the sound a trumpet makes when it blats so loudly that it hurts? That painful bleating noise that sounds good only in the right context (read, ‘jazz’)? ‘Blog’ kind of reminds me of that. I shudder at the thought of my writing being conceived of in terms of something so distasteful.

It occurred to me that we might make a concerted effort to replace the word ‘blog’ with something that is more suitable. Work with me here.

_’Journal?’_ I suppose technically that is what we do with our sites, journal the things we think about, but I’ve always associated journaling with pen and paper. More tangible, less digital. Try something else.

_’Diary.’_ Uh-uh. As a guy I vehemently protest this one. Scratch it off the list of potentials.

How about simply calling it a _’log?’_ Nope. This one calls to mind images of salt water, creaking timbers, and cries of “Ahoy, matey!” Next.

_’Ledger.’ ‘Memoir.’ ‘Column.’_ Ugh. Strike! Pass.

What about referring to each new entry as a _’post?’_ Not fond of that one, either. But you can’t rightly call them articles — they’re not purchased by any magazines. They’re not columns because, well, they take up the whole page, not just a sidebar on a page with fancy ads and actual articles.

Maybe it would be better to coin a couple of new terms. The trouble is that I am at a loss for ideas right now. My poor noodle is baked already.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Mental Portal has potential, perhaps. Tweaking it a little might yield something useful. Critique doesn’t accurately describe all of my writing, though some of what I do is critique. Novella, while a good suggestion, doesn’t really work here, either, since that describes a work of fiction that is more than 15,000 words long. Keep thinking, though! Surely we’ll hit on something better than ‘blog’.

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