A Death In the Family

For my wife and me, our pets are like our children. We have two horses, a German Shepherd, and up until two days ago, a small, grey gerbil. We had been seeing signs over the past week that her time was probably close — lack of appetite, sleeping in odd positions, shakiness. We came home Sunday evening to find that our gerbil had finally died, and so we took a few moments to take care of her and clean out her cage. The whole process left us feeling a little sad. And if we, as her owners, felt saddened by the loss of her, how much more would God have felt the loss of one of His creatures? Christ “said”:http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?book_id=49&chapter=12&verse=5&end_verse=7&version=31&context=context that not a single sparrow is forgotten by God, indicating that He is intimately involved with and aware of the entirety of His creation. It’s an amazing thought that God would care so much about the least of His handiwork, and if He devotes so much of his attention to the least, how much more must He give to us who bear His image? Humbling, and awe-inspiring, in one fell stroke.

3 thoughts on “A Death In the Family”

  1. It is amazing how much God cares for us. It is very cool that you can find that in the loss of a pet. That is what I love most about believing in God. There is always hope even in the toughest of times.

    God Bless.

  2. Pets are like part of the family. Before I adopted my cat, I used to roll my eyes at the crazy things people did for their pets. They would treat them as children and put bows in their fur and take “family pictures”. Last April, though, everything changed. When I got my cat, I felt like I had become a parent for the first time. Now she’s dependent on me for food, water, shelter, toys, and a place to sleep. I let her sleep with me (I don’t care that the cat care book says that cats shouldn’t sleep with their owners!). My cat is 3 years old. Lord willing, I will have many more years with her. I can’t imagine her not being here. It is heartbreaking knowing that I may have to bury her someday.

  3. i’m headin home for christmas on friday, and this time looks like it’s gonna be a special one, a new nephew, a new sister-in-law, but most importantly, it may be the last one for my precious dog. i’m gonna cry for weeks when she’s gone. altho i left home 2 years ago and i’ve not been home since april, she’s still my sister. i’ll be sure to make more fuss of her than normal, looks like i’ll be spendin most of this festive season sat on the floor with her. i dont care what theology says, scripture clearly states that ALL creatures will be in heaven praising God. i chose to believe scripture over some “know-it-all” human.

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