Ideas Are Everywhere

It’s interesting the places from which I get new ideas for writing fiction. Just about everything in daily life serves as a notion for at least a _piece_ of a storyline. I just had another really cool idea today for a book, set in a very unique environment, that came from a ‘what if’ question that popped into my head. The juxtaposition of character to environment and the ramifications of the setting would make, I think, the fodder for a really interesting story.

The most trivial things spark all these little ideas, ways to shape characters, mold environments, create new lifeforms (or just remake familiar ones). It’s very cool seeing the world through the glasses of an author. Frankly, I’m anxious to see where my craft takes me (though the fiction writing is on a bit of a hiatus right now until sometime after the imminent move) and what new worlds I discover. I can be an explorer without ever straying far from the borders of my own mind.

One thought on “Ideas Are Everywhere”

  1. Go for it! I’ve always thought you were good with thoughts and words. You will make a fine author. Just don’t forget your friends when you become a famous published author, ok? =)

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