Geek Joy

Is it sad to get all excited about a couple of relatively minor geek-tweaks to my site? Probably, but I don’t think I care all that much. I’ve been working on implementing ways to publish my site more widely and expand my readership. Today, for instance, I registered Writer’s Blog with “blogtopsites”: for site ranking and advertising my site. I also redirected my “RSS feed”: to “FeedBurner”: to help me actually see how many people subscribe to my feed. So, if you use a feedreader like “FeedDemon”: or “Thunderbird”:, or if you use a browser that tracks Live Bookmarks, like “Firefox”:, then I can keep track of how many subscriptions call my feed and what service reads them. And to make things even better, the little tracking icons in my sidebar keep a running total of site rank and subscription count. It’s pretty cool information to have, and for a numbers geek like me, it could even provide some interesting analysis later on. So, feel free to bookmark my site with a Live Bookmark or subscribe to my feed. If you’ve already subscribed to it via the old feed (i.e. before today), then I would be most appreciative if you would update your feed with the new one.

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Geek Joy”

  1. Ah, geekiness – Yet you seem to be doing rather well, with the publicity and stuff. Very nice. Classy.

    re: Haha, you even used the word ‘wordslinger,’ gotta love it…

    And, no, not my birthday – But it’s coming up in late January. Felt like writing. Had been a little while I guess.

    And, nope, never read it – But I don’t read enough as it is. Will have to keep that one in mind.

  2. Well, Jim, you may not have a camera, but you’ve left me in the dust with your geekspeak. I’m stuck in idiotspeakland myself, and feel certain it’s here that I’ll stay for a long, long time. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If Santa brings a camera, be sure to show us your feet!

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