I “stumbled”: across “CrossConnector”: while running my daily blog search-and-read. Despite garnering the usual “criticisms”: from the non-Christian and non-religious communities, I tend to think that CrossConnector could be a very useful, functional, and effective resource for Christian organizations to plan and manage missions events and trips, as the Web drives ever closer to “2.0”: and higher interactivity and as the younger generation, already very computer savvy, takes its place in church leadership. I try not to scoff at new experiments, particularly ones that strive to use the Web in novel and innovative ways. Who can say just how effective CrossConnector will be once it’s launched, but I am sure that there will be organizations that will make use of it, some more successfully than others.

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  1. hey crossconnection seems like it could be a very useful tool we tried to do something similar using xanga this past year and while the concept was good the effectiveness in the end didn’t pay off… mainly cause my people weren’t into xanga enough to get it off the ground.

    any who read your tag in Christian Thinkers and visited your site. I’m working on my Masters as well… I hope to be done someday too! (LUCK-EEEEEEEEE!)

    And I want new palm… hope I get some cash when it’s all said and done… at that point it will be version 30 LOL

  2. Thanks for the post Jim!

    I think one thing that people are going to really like about CrossConnector is that, in addition to some great planning and organizing tools, you get their own public blog site. So you can go to, and check out all my church’s projects, read and comment on the latest messages, and even download files. It’s like having a Xanga account but way more useful.

    We feel like it isn’t enough anymore for a missionary to have a blog and hope that people find it on Google. So one of the most valuable parts of CrossConnector will be the search engine. You’ll be able to search the database for ministry work that is going on anywhere in the world – it will even show you archived stuff that happened in the past.

    I appreciate the encouragement! I hope you’ll give it a try on January 1!

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