Contentment Is Where It’s At

I’m finding contentment right where I am. There was a point where I really wanted to get back to my “alma mater”: and to settle back into that general area — and don’t get me wrong; I’d still be ecstatic if the opportunity to do so arose. But I am realizing that I am happy and at peace right here, which is fortunate, since I will be moving soon to a place somewhere not too far from here. My interests and intellectual cravings are being sated, my needs are met, and all-in-all things are good. I have no complaints. Granted, I’m a little nervous about the coming changes, but there is nothing in there that particularly scares or bothers me. I feel like I am finally headed in the right direction, to a place where my skills and abilities can be put to good use and where I can start learning how to do a few new things (look for some geek posts on those topics in the near future). God has certainly been good to me, to us, and I can’t wait to see what else He has in store.

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