Visions of What Could Be

I had a vision tonight. It wasn’t anything prophetic. It wasn’t anything hallucinogenic. It wasn’t anything mystical. What it was, in actuality, was a moment of insight, of clarity into what could be. The vision was this: one member of a men’s vocal quintet, singing his heart out in praise and glory to God, the joy of his salvation and the power of his worship pouring out to his brethren as he sang. The power of this was in the way he reminded me so much of one of my
closest friends in high school. It was a vision of what my friend could physically look like in 20 or 30 years, of what he could look like were he to accept Christ as his savior and let Him change his life forever. I could suddenly see my friend up there, his life changed by the power of Christ, and it struck me to the core that I hadn’t done more to share my faith when I could. My friend and I had talked about our religious beliefs, but I was almost always apologetic for mine, and we more often than not ended up in heated arguments. Over time, I pushed my faith to a dusty corner of my heart and rarely mentioned it. I wonder how much of an impact it would have made on my friend had I lived my faith more fervently. I wonder if I would have someday seen my friend living his faith in the way I saw this singer living his. I wonder if I could have, would have been the catalyst that changed his life. I may never know, and tonight I felt the regret of a missed opportunity.

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