“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I used to read this verse to mean that you would get the things that you want because they are also the things that God wants you to have; ergo, “I’m close to God, so I’m thinking His thoughts after Him, so what I want is what He wants.” Emphasis on the object desired. Now, however, I think it’s more subtle than that. He will give me the “desires of [my] heart,” emphasis on the desire, regardless of whether I actually receive the objects(s) desired. Essentially, I can be content with having the desire alone because I know the desire is from God. Even though I realize I may never actually recieve the object of my desire, I can and will continue to pursue it because God has placed the desire in my heart and it will make me more like His Son. So, it’s not the end result that matters, it’s like Scott Garber says, “It’s the journey, stupid.”

3 thoughts on “Delight”

  1. I’ve got a song on the radio right now about God giving you your desires. Amazing, eh? The desires he’ll grant are for sure those that Glorify Him. That’s how we find true joy, so its not selfish of God to be that way – it really is what we were designed for and the only way to find true joy.

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