“Riddle me this…”

Over the last few weeks and months, I have been overcome with fascination for the written word. Part of this has been exemplified in my increasing desire to write, both fiction and commentary. Part of it can be seen in my continued collection of bumper sticker phrases, witty or amusing t-short slogans, wise and inane church signs, random quotes, and enigmatic riddles. All of these provide little snapshots of insight into the human psyche and into the mind of our culture. People also reveal bits of themselves when they show their identification with such phrases, whether it be through wearing the t-shirt, nodding in agreement with the sign, or using the quote as an away message for their instant messenger. Words are powerful, especially when they have been carefully sculpted. They have a way of capturing the mind, of charging the spirit, and even, if one is not careful, of devouring the soul. Yet their poignancy, their pithyness, their brevity can be the very thing that inspires one to greatness. An artfully drafted phrase can bring great enlightenment; it can also cause great confusion. Ultimately, words can be a great influencer. They should be handled with care and wisdom and should not be thrown
about lightly. When used properly, they can stimulate the imagination, challenge the intellect, shape the character, and melt the heart.

3 thoughts on ““Riddle me this…””

  1. well said.
    kind of uncanny I was just reading about the importance of words in my quiet time devo. It said that the Holy spirit (Ruach in Hebrew meaning breath) dwells in us and should be our every breath, and as such every word that comes out of our mouth should be that which is inspired by Holy spirit.

  2. Great post!I think the root of the issue lies within the heart, because the the words that we speak are a product of the “abundance” of our hearts (Matt 12:34). The handling with care and wisdom of words needs to happen at the very moment a thought enters the heart. If we don’t “take captive”, and sift every thought through the seive of God’s Word, the ensuing words could potentially be quite harmful.That’s my two cents.(Kevin)

  3. Excellent entry, and – I’m not actually quite back yet. But it turns out I have net access here via a friend’s wireless connection. I actually have to go soon, heh… but, yeah, it’s my last week. Good times. I’ll see you around.

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