Irony of the Week #4

Pharmacies that sell cigarettes.

3 thoughts on “Irony of the Week #4”

  1. That is very interesting that you say that. I have thought about issues of the pharmaceutical nature a lot as of late.
    I have a friend who just does pot twice a day: to relax. He says that it is probably the most healthy drug out there if used correctly. Especially if it is compared to the drugs perscribed now-a-days. And actually, I have thought about it a lot, and I must agree. Now, I do not agree with him doing pot b/c it is illegal (and I can say that about a lot of my friends)…but if it wasn’t illegal, I would have absolutely no problem with him doing it. It’s safer, and provides a way for people who work ridiculously hard all day to wind down. I wouldn’t do it, personally…smoke isn’t good for ashmatics…but yeah.
    I would be curious to know your thoughts on this.

  2. Actually it makes perfect sense.  Sell cigarettes, get people hooked.  Sell more asthma medications, cold medication, etc. because people are more vulnerable due to smoking.  Sell teeth whitening kits, anti-wrinkle cream, etc. because people get ugly due to smoking.  Sell Nicorette gum because people want to stop smoking.  Sell more cigarettes when people give up.  Repeat vicious cycle indefinitely.
    In response to DrPeppie12, hmm, that’s a point well taken.

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