Not the Day To Hold Strong Beliefs

I was scanning through radio stations this afternoon and caught a moment of Rush Limbaugh’s daily broadcast. At that particular moment, he was describing a phenomenon in the political world that we are seeing all to often in our society in general. It seems that anyone who holds strong, firm beliefs in, well, just about anything and who isn’t afraid to speak up about them is viewed as being abusive, narrow-minded, critical, etc. Our society has literally become so caught up in trying to not offend anyone that no one is allowed to hold an opinion about much of anything at all.

This same trend has infiltrated Christian circles to an alarming degree. I can’t count the number of Christians who criticize other Christians for holding firm beliefs about Biblical truth. Christians who know what they believe and why and who are willing to tell that to others are condemned outright, are viewed as dangerous, and considered naive and foolish for thinking that their beliefs are the right ones. How in the world did we ever get to this point? Are we not allowed to believe in absolute truth? Are we not allowed to belief that we can actually know what truth is? I just find it so sad and frustrating that I can come to conclusion about something, based on facts and actual data (God forbid!), and then be criticized because I’m not being sensitive to
someone else who might happen to hold a different view. It just seems so strange to me that we can’t agree to disagree, that we can’t share good, constructive fellowship in spite of our differences, and that we almost seem to be working harder at disunity than at creating a wholesome, loving, and single Body. It’s no wonder that churches in America aren’t accomplishing much anymore. I think we’ve lost sight of our Goal.

7 thoughts on “Not the Day To Hold Strong Beliefs”

  1. I believe that Political Correctness is, for all intents and purposes, a religion. Perhaps more correctly, it is the most beloved idol of secular humanism. It isn’t made of wood. Its far more dangerous.

  2. Amen brother!!!!!!   And I have been thinking along the same lines a lot recently…ESPECIALLY since living within the buckle of the Bible belt… yeahhhh…
    And I love to turn it around:  By holding the belief that no one has the right to hold such a strong belief in something, by saying we are wrong, and by saying that we are so narrowminded for doing so… kinda makes them an absolute hypocrite themself.  I mean, b/c they are right…and what they think is right… we are wrong… so if we don’t believe what they believe (their firm belief), we are narrow-minded and foolish…. HMMMMM… smell the irony. :-D

  3. And that is exactly the problem with that relative-truth-political-correctness mentality — they can’t remain consistent even to their own ideals.

  4. Sounds to me, like the problem started in a certain garden, with a piece of forbidden fruit, and the ability to think like God, I think the lie went. And from then on it was down hill. I can’t recall the number of times God must have left us to our own fallible understanding. Sigh.

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