Man, as a Spiritual Being

I have this theory.

In his book Insomnia, Stephen King describes a man who is able to see auras surrounding people. The color of the auras reflected the individuals’ moods and relative proximity to death. Additionally, the auras of people who were emotionally close would interweave, changing the overall colors of both

In the famous Enderseries, a scientific phenomenon is described. This phenomenon is something called a philote, a term coined by science fiction writer Orson Scott Card to describe theoretical rays or lines which have the size of a geometric point and possess no mass or inertia. Philotes make up all particles in the observable universe by combining or “twining”. This twining between loved ones binds them together, no matter how far apart they may be.

Nearly every major religion I can think of acknowledges that Man is a spiritual creature, that part of his being and nature is insubstantial. This spirit is the part that is believed to continue to exist eternally, long after the body has died and returned to dust.

I have heard stories of clairvoyance-like insight that a loved has just endured a life-threatening crisis. Or of the individual who knows the approximate state of a close friend or family member, no matter how far away they are.

What if there is some substance to the speculations of people like King and Card?

Have you ever found your mood altered to match someone else’s, simply by being near them? Have you ever passed someone on the street and felt substantially affected by them, however momentarily? Have you ever just looked at someone and somehow knew what they were
thinking, feeling, experiencing at that moment? Or been able to read their personality? Or gotten a general impression of their past? And then been astonished to find out your impressions were correct?

What about feeling bonded to someone, whether it be a loved one, a spouse, or a close friend? Close fellowship with others that goes way beyond just typical interactions, that extends into the spiritual and leaves a lasting impression on your core?

Larry Crabb, in his book Connecting,
talks about pouring oneself into another who is hurting in order to help heal the pain. It is a spiritual endeavor, the formation of a bond to provide strength and support to another during crisis.

My theory is this: I have come to believe that, while our spirit is perpetually linked to our physical selves, that it is not necessarily completely contained within our mortal bodies, that it
exceeds those borders and touches and intermingles with everyone and everything around us. From personal experience, I have been touched and affected by things and people in inexplicable ways, even though many of those encounters have been cursory at best. I also
have to wonder if we don’t leave a part of our spirits with those we love most, or if maybe our spirits are stretched in a way as to be continually linked to them. In no way do I believe that we have the capability of spiritual omnipresence, but I do wonder if our spirits have a greater capability of connection and perception than we give them credit for. I know that God has given me a gift of perception and insight, for being able to quickly and accurately see what is going on inside people. Often, that insight comes more as intuition than by direct observation, and I have to wonder if my spirit is mingling with that person, thereby providing me with information.

It’s a fascinating theory to me, and I see evidence that says it might be at least somewhat legitimate.

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  1. Have you ever just looked at someone and somehow knew what they were thinking, feeling, experiencing at that moment?  Or been able to read their personality?  Or gotten a general impression of their past?  And then been astonished to find out your impressions were incorrect?  I have…
    Larry Crabb… good guy.

  2. Well, yes, there is that, too. I definitely wasn’t trying to say that it’s a perfect system. Hehe….Yeah, he’s got some good stuff. I don’t agree with nearly everything he has written, but he definitely pushes you out of the normal way of thinking about things.

  3. interesting thoughts jim… hmm… i am not sure what i think of it.  it just is kinda interesting.  i mean, i think and feel things about people due to what i feel at the moment or what state of mind i’m in.  i’m a very “dreamy” type person who likes to exaggerate reality in my head…and i sometimes get impressions that way.  who knows…maybe it’s because that.  very interesting…
    you like to think… so watch a good movie: Donnie Darko. it may interest you…

  4. Well, like I’ve said it’s only a theory, a speculation. Just seems to me like the possibility for such individual, spiritual interaction exists, though probably not in the way I’ve conceptualized it. I just can’t help thinking that people interact spirit to spirit almost as much as they can face to face. Just a thought I opted to share.And I’ve heard you mention Donnie Darko before. I’ll have to look for it.

  5. Hey, I checked out your open-discussion site.  I read for a while.  Some good thoughts there.
    And the quote from my site is from the Spring 2004 Cedarville TORCH magazine.  The article I quoted from by Dr. Brown is excellent.  Makes me want to learn!!

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