Xanga Pet Peeves

A couple of things that I find slightly annoying about different Xanga sites:

– People who refuse to embed their links under text (like so), so what you end up having to do in order to read the post/comments is to side-scroll back and forth. Seriously, people, just embed them! It makes it easier on everyone!

– Music embedded on Xanga sites, especially since Xanga does not allow any way to turn those obnoxious tunes off. It’s frustrating to try to go directly to a particular site, only have to your computer bog down while it tries to load the site. Plus, if you’re using Media Player (or other such software) to listen to music while you surf, suddenly you end up with this jarring contrast of music and you end up having to turn the music off that you WANT to listen to while you are
subjected to music that you DON’T want to listen to. Yeah, this one irks me a little.

Sorry. Had to get that off my chest. A post of more substance coming later. Promise. (Not that it matters a whole lot.

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