The Intent Was Good…

Well, it doesn’t look like I’m going to have much time to write as much as I wanted to today, so, since I’ve gained several new subscribers the last couple of weeks, let me take the time to once again formally invite everyone to join my new forum at and add their bit to the numerous discussions there. Essentially, Open Dialogue is a forum geared toward Christian discussion of a wide variety of topics, all with the goal of (hopefully) shaping our thoughts more toward Christ. My hope is to share what we know and what we’re learning with one another,
exchange opinions, and just generally have a good time ‘talking’ and discussing. We could always use a few more voices, especially since it’s kind of difficult for me to discuss with myself (though I do try). So, hop on over for a chat. I’ll put the pot on to boil, and we can sit down over some tea and scones.

And hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll have a new thought or two to share.

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