Knowing When To Just Keep Your Mouth Shut

It’s interesting. There have been several moments over the last few weeks where I have either read something on Xanga or overheard something that was said in casual conversation that have just caused me to think, “Hey, now. That’s not right.” And every nerve in my body was tingling because I just wanted to counter the statement, to “set ‘im right”, to correct what was such obvious foolishness and stupidity.

But what I’m learning is that so often it is just better to hold one’s tongue and say nothing. I have had to learn to stop and think, and ultimately I end up determining that, even had I said something, it would not have changed the opinion of the individual in question and would possibly have done more to hurt than to help. As much as I want to bring people to a correct view as I understand it (with humility, of course), I have to remind myself that many don’t want to be corrected or even necessarily led to the truth, as it would require a change to their personal worldview. About the best I can hope to do is continue my own search for the truth, refine my own worldview by what I know, and choose my opportunities to share with those who are eager to hear and learn and be shaped, as I hope they do for me. Sometimes, I just have to keep my mouth shut and let them find their own way.

3 thoughts on “Knowing When To Just Keep Your Mouth Shut”

  1. Thank you for subscribing… I have to say, you’re definitely one of the most “intelligent” sounding individuals that I’ve subscribed to. I notice we have A LOT in common… with the exception of golf and halo/warlord. lol.
    Anyway, I get your point here and I think it’s great that you realize these sorts of things… if only we could somehow get our “opinions” across without offending someone or making ourselves look stupid! If anything, it would be for our own self-satisfaction. :-P
    Have a great day..

  2. Part of that “offending someone” I think has a large part to do with the fact that our culture has become so egocentric that every little thing now seems to be a big deal. Of course, part of it, too, has to do with the fact that no one likes to be told, however directly or indirectly, that they’re wrong. It’s just too bad we can’t all just grow up and be mature and let by-gones be by-gones, y’know?

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