Discussion Forum?

“Rise, forum! Arise!”

A dreamchild of mine for several years now has been an online discussion forum geared primarily toward Christians. I’ve had a number of excellent discussions with fellow believers via email, Xanga, and other discussion forums around the Web. The trouble is that doing so often means spending a significant portion of time traversing the Web, logging into and out of different sites, and so on. I keep thinking somehow that creating a specific forum designed to consolidate a number of these discussions would be useful. My intent would not be to take away from the traffic of these various other sites; rather, my intent would be to make it more convenient for
any and all interested in such discussions on philosophy, theology, ethics, and various other issues by adding to these discussions in a central location.

I’ve already begun testing the waters via email with a few select people as to what sort of interest there would be in such a discussion venue. I will further test the waters by asking how many of you who read my periodic posts what interest you would have in this forum. I would appreciate any feedback you give on what your level of interest is as well as what sorts of things you would enjoy discussing (to help me with the design of the forum should there be
enough interest for me actually start work on it).


Oh, and believe it or not, I actually have four or five new posts floating around in my head, so hopefully I will get around to writing those up soon and putting them up for your consideration.

Have anything to add to the conversation?