It is now nearly 4 AM on Saturday, and Elizabeth and I are only just getting to bed. We arrived home from carriage driving in downtown Indy at about a quarter to 2, just a couple of hours ago, to find that our townhouse had been broken into, burglarized, and ransacked. It was an obvious smash and dash job, though the burglars had time to completely destroy our living room and upset our computers in our upstairs study. All told, it could have been worse…. they made off with only Liz’s new stereo system (that she received for her birthday last year), our DVD player, a handful of Sega games (but NOT the Sega Genesis itself or my Playstation, all our remote controls, and $160 in cash. The cash itself was crucial to us, as it was the way in which we were going to pay the vet bill for our horses this coming Tuesday, so they could get their annual vaccinations. We called the police, who came and took a statement, and then we called a maintenance man from our complex to come and temporarily fix our back patio door, since the locking mechanism had been broken when it was jimmied open. Needless to say, neither one of us feels very safe tonight. We are sad and discouraged at this setback and wonder most of all why God would allow this to happen to us.

To add insult to injury, a significant bank error has occurred this week that has frozen us out of our primary checking account. To make a long story short, a $28 check that we wrote on Wednesday was mistakenly deducted from our account to the tune of nearly $3,700, overdrawing our account by $2,600!! We are working with our bank to rectify the problem, but it will probably be into next week before we are able to access our money. Needless to say, with tonight’s burglarly, we have no money to get us through until our account is accessible to us again, other than what meager tips we earned from carriage driving this evening.

Your prayers are coveted right now. We know that God has His reasons for allowing this to happen to us right now. We only wish we knew what they are. Lord willing, this will be the extent of the testing He has for us. Pray that we will learn what we are supposed to from these trials.

2 thoughts on “Robbed!”

  1. I am sorry hear what has happened to you the past few days.  I believe that God’s main goal is to help us grow spiritually and closer in our relationship with God.  The last time something similar this happened to me, I read Ecclesiates, my favorite book in the Bible and I recommend it to you.  You are in my prayers.
    May God protect you and your family and guide you through this dififcult trial.

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