The call was to talk to a psychic about a possible haunting. The couple had only lived there a short time. In fact, the house was only two years old. She had taken a picture of him, and the print, when it came back, showed perfectly round spheres of light distributed throughout the photograph. She had also seen a little boy (not her own, as she had no children) sitting on her staircase, resting his chin on his hands. These were only two instances of at least half a dozen she mentioned. And she wanted to talk to the psychic to determine if her home was, indeed, being haunted. I never heard the outcome of the conversation because I had to leave for work before the psychic actually came on the phone. My guess is that they were involved in something that attracted this kind of demonic attention, in which case, even moving from that house would not relieve the oppression. Those things have a way of following you…..

Later, another caller wanted to talk to the psychic because he wanted to know how to attract ghosts to his home. He thought it would be pretty cool to have several ghosts to “hang out” with, something like a conversation piece. He thought it would be fun to open his cupboard to get a box of cereal out and find one of his ghosts buddies sitting there (reading the label, or somesuch thing). I don’t think this guy even knew what he was asking for. Dangerous…. and extremely naive……..

One thought on “Ghosts”

  1. One time when I went to visit my mother, she and the guy she lives with was telling us they saw a ghost in their house. This was really cool. Jerry (her bf) went on to tell me how when he was little he saw a ghost in his house, and how a ghost lives in the house his mom loives in now. “Isn’t that ironic?” he asked me. I want to say, “No, not really. It’s called a demon. It’s not the house, it’s you!” I hate visiting my mom when he is around.  My discernment sends up a red flag about him. Wonder why, yeah? =P

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